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Most Rev. Prof. Rajendra B. Lal

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor





Prof. (Dr.) Robin L. Prasad, Registrar, SHUATS

                      Er. C. John Wesley, Dy, Registrar (Administration) & Head UPD, SHUATS                   

Dr. A. Alexander, Head, Dept. of English




Dr. S. Solomon, Vice Chancellor, CSA University, Kanpur                                       

Dr. A. S. Ninawe, Advisor, Dept. of Biotechnology, New Delhi                              

Dr. R.P. Singh, Secretary General, IAUA, New Delhi                                                                

Dr. R.K. Rai, Former Scientist, IARI, New Delhi                                                                                                   

Dr. D.K.Singh, Dept. of Vegetable Science, GBPU & T, Pantnagar                                                                      

Dr. Jai Prakash, Principal Scientist, IARI, New Delhi                                                             

Dr. Vishal Nath pandey, Director, NRC-Litchi, Muzafarpur, Bihar                          

Dr. Navin Chandra Shahi, GBPUA & T, Pantnagar                                                 

Dr. S. Kumar, Principal Scientist, Central Soil Salinity Research Inst., Karnal         

Dr. T.P. Singh, Dept. of Farm Machinery, GBPUA & T, Pantnagar                         

Prof. (Dr.) A.K.A. Lawrence, Pro Vice Chancellor (Acad.s Affairs), SHUATS      

Prof. (Dr.) S.B. Lal, Pro Vice Chancellor (Administration), SHUATS                      

Prof. (Dr.) P.W. Ramteke, Dean PG Studies, SHUATS                                                          

Prof. (Dr.) Thomas Abraham, Naini Agricultural Institute, SHUATS                                  

Prof. (Dr.) Arif A. Broadway, Director, DCPS, SHUATS                                       

Prof. (Dr.) ir. Jonathan A. Lal, Director, IPC, SHUATS                                         

Prof. (Dr.) Rubina Lawrence, Jacob Institute  of Biotech. & Bioengg., SHUATS  

Prof. (Dr.) Shailesh Marker, Director Research, SHUATS                                      

Prof. (Dr.) R.K. Isaac, Vaugh Institute of Agricultural Engg & Tech., SHUATS    

Prof. (Dr.) Ranu Prasad, Dean, Ethelind College of Home Science, SHUATS       

Prof. (Dr.) Neeraj, Naini Agricultural Institute, SHUATS                                        




Dr. Terrance Thomas, SHUATS       

Dr. Arpan Sherring, SHUATS   

Dr. Deepak Kumar Bose, SHUATS     

Dr. (Mrs.) G. Roopa lavanya, SHUATS   

Er. Deepak Lal, SHUATS

Dr. Himanshu Pandey, SHUATS

Dr. Uday Pratap Singh, SHUATS

Dr. (Mrs.) Virginia Paul, SHUATS 

Dr. Ram Pal, SHUATS    

Er. Avinash Kumar, SHUATS   

Dr. S.N. Thakur, SHUATS

Dr. Ashwani Kumar, SHUATS

Dr. Afaq Mazid Vani, SHUATS

Dr. Devi Singh, SHUATS

Dr. Satyendra Singh, SHUATS

Dr. P.K. Shukla, SHUATS

Dr. Jishnu Naskar, SHUATS

Dr. Rohit Farmer, SHUATS

Dr. Ekta Pathak Mishra, SHUATS

Er. Thejas Jacob, SHUATS




The Allahabad Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology
Formerly The Allahabad Farmer Journal

Year of First Publication : 1925
Frequency of Publication : Quarterly

I.S.S.N. No. : 0971-9075 (for old title)

Correspondence :
The Managing Editor
The Allahabad Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology
Formerly The Allahabad Farmer Journal
University Publication Division,
Sam Higginbottom Universityof
Agriculture, Technology And Sciences
Allahabad - 211 007, (U.P.), INDIA





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